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Organization Name Tree of Life Ministries
Event Name FAM JAM ~ He's the One 2023
Location Tree of Life Ministries ~ Main Sanctuary
Date 6/4/2023 - 6/8/2023
Event Price Free
Registration Status Registration Closed or Event Registration Full

Welcome to FAM JAM 2023, "He's the One"!  This 4 day event is not your traditional VBS. Families and kids of all ages will come together for worship, solid Biblical teaching, games, skits and more each night from 7 - 8:30pm.  Are you a teenageer... young adult... widow... over age 60?  Don't worry! We want you there, too! We know how important it is for all generations to worship and learn together! YOU ARE WELCOME! In fact, we need YOU!  We desire families to engage in worship together as we grow in our relationship with the Lord. You will need to bring your Bibles and offerings... just like adult church.  This year, we are setting our offering goal of $3500! If we meet our goal, Pastor Heather will have to eat a worm! (Hey, this will help her prepare for her mission trip to Peru!)  If we can bring in $5000, you can see our Peru team SLIMED!  All of this year's offering will support TOLM Mission's to Peru.

Invite your family, friends, neighbors and, well, everyone! We want to pack out our sanctuary!

FAM JAM 2023 is free to attend! T'shirts will go on sale Wednesday, May 30th. Youth size t-shirts $12, Adult sizes $15.

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