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Organization Name Desert View Bible Church
Event Name Awana 2022-2023
Location Desert View Bible Church
Date 8/21/2022 - 5/3/2023
Event Price $12.00
Registration Status Registration Closed or Event Registration Full

Time: 6:30 - 8:00pm

Cost: $12 plus cost of book ($11) and vest ($12) / shirt ($17) (if needed).  The Cubbies and Sparks vests run a little small.  Cubbies vests will be worn up to 2 years.  Sparks vests will be worn up to 3 years.

Cubbies and T&T will start a new book.

Sparks who were not able to complete their book last year will continue working on it.  Everyone else will start a new book.

Cubbies is full due to volunteers.  You may add your child to the Cubbies Waiting List.

Sparks is currently full.  Please add your child to the Sparks Waiting List. We are hoping to have some additional Sparks leaders soon.

For T&T, please add your child to T&T Boys (3rd-4th) or T&T Girls (3rd-4th).

Because Awana requires memorization and writing to complete the handbook, please let us know if your child has an IEP or needs special assistance.  We are happy to accommodate them so they can have a fun and successful Awana year!

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