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Organization Name Cheyenne Hills Church
Event Name Children's Ministries Pre-registration 9 am ONLY (Infants - 6th grade)
Location Cheyenne Hills Church
Date 6/20/2021
Event Price Free
Registration Status Registration Closed or Event Registration Full

Infants- 6th grade children's ministry is open 9am service, ONLY.

Parents/guardians will need to pre-register their children, each week, through the link provided on our website or facebook pages.  Access to pre-register will be granted one week at a time. Pre-registration will be available starting the Wednesday before the upcoming Sunday. 

All toys and surfaces are cleaned and sanitized after services. Volunteers will do their best to remove toys out of the reach of others, that have been mouthed.

How you can help:

Please, please do not bring children to church if they have a temperature, cough, runny nose or headache. In cases where a child has a known condition or allergies that presents these symptoms, we ask you get a doctor's note. Our volunteers and staff are not qualified nor do we want them to be put in a position to make a call.

Please only register your child if you intend on placing them in children's ministry. There are limited spots.

If your infant or toddler will need a bottle, we ask you pack a bottle filled with water and the formula powder measured out in a separate container.

Please contact me directly if you have any questions at ssnow@cheyennehills.org 

Stephanie Snow - Children's Ministry Director

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