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Organization Name The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Event Name Bella Ballet / Spring 2020 / Advanced II / Thurs. 6 PM
Location Bella Ballet Studio
Date 1/23/2020 - 4/25/2020
Event Price $90.00
Registration Status Registration Closed or Event Registration Full

This 90 minute class enables students to demonstrate an increasing consolidation of knowledge and understanding of a systematically developed vocabulary of balletic movements. These include the ability to demonstrate various steps showing confident control of posture, turnout and line while turning and jumping. Students also further develop an awareness of their own safe dance practice and demonstrate an ability to perform with increasing confidence, awareness of the audience and responsiveness to musical rhythms, phrasing and dynamics. Our goal is to further ballet technique in students who show dedication and commitment to their learning and to teach them to do their best to the glory of God and not for themselves. (Advanced II is a continuation of I, working on the same techniques but in an older age group).

Classes will meet weekly, but please refer to the 'Important Dates' tab on the website. Please note that completion of this form does not guarantee your child's spot in the class. You will receive an official confirmation including a link for payment from the Ballet Coordinator

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