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Organization Name Fallbrook Church Student Ministry
Event Name 2019 Power Conference
Location Fallbrook Church 12512 Walters Rd. Houston, TX 77014 Phone Number: 281.444.2733
Date 6/10/2019 - 6/14/2019
Event Price Free
Registration Status Registration Closed or Event Registration Full

The Student Ministry Conference is designed for 6th-12th grade students and the theme this year is Power to Overcome! During the conference, you will interact, build relationships, and most importantly, show Students that through Jesus Christ we can overcome any form of adversity in our lives. The Student Ministry Conference will be held the same week as Vacation Bible School, June 10-14, 2019, 6:30-9:00pm in the Community Center and Auxiliary Building.

Students, like most of us, are constantly surrounded by turmoil and confusion. From issues regarding how Christians should interact with a world filled with sin to foundational questions about their own faith. Like most other Christians, Students find it difficult to reconcile their faith with their reality.  “Power to Overcome” is a five-day conference with various workshops designed to help Students address these problems.

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